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Self Made & Sober

Nov 8, 2019

After bartending her way across Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Angela found herself in over her head with a drinking problem that was relentless. As a result of her own sobriety, she dedicated her life to helping others through coaching and community with Addiction Unlimited Podcast, sober living, and the top-ranked...

Nov 1, 2019

ep: 39 Chris Scott - Founder of Fit Recovery, a website that helps people use nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle strategies to fill in the “missing links” in their recovery programs and transcend alcohol. Author of Drinking Sucks! and co-host of the Elevation Recovery Podcast, alongside Matt Finch of Opiate Addiction...

Oct 24, 2019

#39 Russ Perry - Author of The Sober Entrepreneur and founder & CEO of Design Pickle

Oct 18, 2019

Amy Dresner is the author of acclaimed addiction memoir, My Fair Junkie -

twitter: @AmyDresner
FB: @amydresnerofficial